Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Week

Whew! What a week!!! As it is every year, Christmas week was very busy this year. It is always so much fun, but once it is over with, we are exhausted.

Tuesday evening we had our friends Katie, Brad, Aidan and Addison over for a pre-Christmas dinner. Aidan and Addison are twins that are 3 months older than Caleb. Here is a picture of Caleb and Aidan in Caleb's crib.

Christmas festivities for us began at lunch Christmas Eve. We met all (well, most of) Michael's cousins, aunts and uncles at The Brickery in Roswell for the annual Christmas lunch. It is always so much fun, and the family has gotten bigger and bigger each year. This year we added 3 babies!!!

Once lunch was over, we had enough time to run by Target (BIG BIG MISTAKE), get home and change clothes for church. This year we had EVERYONE from BOTH of our families at church with us. It was great! We took up 2 full rows. :)

From church we went to the Camuso Christmas at my Aunt Donna's. All of my aunts, uncles and cousins were there. We had a great time, and Caleb was able to see his cousin Owen again. Owen is his cousin that is 4 days older than Caleb and out weighs him by 4 pounds!!! He makes Caleb look like a shrimp.

Christmas Day we hit the road running. First we went to The Anderson's for presents and lunch. After lunch and a game or 2 of guitar hero we were off to my brother's house to do presents and hang out with them. Between The Anderson's and going to see my family we stopped by our house to unload some things. The plan was for Michael to run in and out, and I was going to stay in the car with Caleb since he was sleeping. Well, after sitting in the car for 10 minutes and Michael hadn't come back out I went in to get him. When I got inside Michael was standing there holding the Christmas tree. Buddy the cat had tried to climb the tree and knocked the WHOLE THING down. Ornaments, water, needles went everywhere. It was a COMPLETE mess to say the least. Just a little more excitement to add to the day....

All in all it was a great 1st Christmas for Caleb. We are sure next year will be even more fun!!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you all had an eventful Christmas--and Caleb is getting SO big and handsome!

Leslie said...

Gotta love the tree story- that one will go down as the one you tell year after year!