Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beach Trip, 2011

A few weeks ago we headed down to Pensacola Beach, Florida for a week long stay at the beach. The last time we had a week at the beach was in 2008 -- before Caleb was here and we went to Hawaii (I know, I can't complain!), but it has been awhile. We have been fortunate enough to have gone to the beach every year since Caleb was born, but it has always been for 5 days or so. Anyway, we shared a condo with my parents and my sister's family. On Wednesday the rest of my extended family arrived for the reunion at the end of the week and through the weekend. We had a great time, and lots of memories were made. I will let the pictures do the talking. :)

Abby's first time seeing the ocean - she was not impressed :)
The water was a little cold. (notice the stiff legs)
big brother was concerned for his baby sister
Caleb LOVED the ocean this year (much different than last year) and was so much fun!!
our little waterbug
Caleb loved the ocean!

Caleb and Savannah loved looking at the ocean everyday...we called this ocean amazement!

We did family pictures one night too. It is not easy getting a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 1/2 month old looking at the camera at the same time, let alone, smiling!!!
3 generations of Camuso ladies at the reunion dinner
Natalie Susan, Jennifer Susan, Abigail Susan

daddy won the golf tournament! Caleb wore daddy's medal :)
The Mayo sisters
(my mom and her sisters)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mommy's birthday weekend

On July 7th I turned 29. It was a GREAT day that extended into the weekend. Thursday I spent the day with my mom and kiddos at the mall and other stores. It was a great way to spend the day. That night, Michael and I met my parents out for dinner at Longhorn's and just hung out. Friday Michael and I took Caleb to the Gwinnett Braves game. As you all very well know, Caleb LOVES baseball. Love actually might not be a strong enough word for this boys passion of baseball. We had a great time, and it was good to just spend time with our boy.

The 3 of us at the game

The last time the 3 of us went to a Gwinnett Braves game...
Daddy and Caleb
Mommy and Caleb

Our friends Kimberly and Tyson and Erica and Chris were there, too. I didn't get any pictures of the adults, but I did get a few pictures of Caleb and Madison, or Medicine, as Caleb calls her. These 2 love each other!! They have been friends since they were born!

Madison giving Caleb some lovin'
The best of the 2 of them that I could get. It was WAY past their bedtimes and WAY hot.

And since I am rolling down memory lane today, here is a picture of Caleb and Madison a few years ago. Caleb is 10 months old and Madison is 16 months old.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Abby is 3 months old!!!

The past 3 months have FLOWN by! It seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital giving birth to our precious baby girl. She has changed SO much in the last 3 months - it is crazy! Abby continues to be a fun baby who brightens our day with her smile!

At 3 months Abby loves:
- her changing table. For some reason you put her on there and she starts kicking and screaming, uh, I mean talking. Her "talking" is more like shrieking and screaming. :)
- her brother. She absolutely, positively LOVES Caleb. He walks up to her, says "hey Abby," and she smiles. He looks at her, and she smiles. This month she also started to laugh, and Caleb is the one who can make her laugh.
- to kick. She NEVER stops. We joke that she is going to be a marathon runner. She is constantly kicking.
- to sit up. She doesn't love to be held where she can't see everything and be in the know. :) She can hold her head up well, and likes to look around.
- her fist. She sucks on it and tries to get her entire fist in her mouth.
- her playmat and her chair. She is really reaching for toys and gets to excited to play with them.
- mommy and daddy. She recognizes our voices and turns to us when we talk. Most of the time that is followed by one of her heartbreaking smiles.

At 3 months Abby does not love:
- her carseat. It is getting better, but if she is kinda hungry, kinda sleepy, kinda man, kinda ANYTHING she does not want to be in that seat. And boy will she let you know!!!
- to wait to eat. She goes from a happy, kicking baby one second to someone who hasn't eaten in days, no weeks, no MONTHS in about .05 seconds.
- tummy time -- she fusses, and eventually ends up either sucking on her hand or falling asleep.
- a wet or dirty diaper.

At 3 months we think Abby weighs around 11ish pounds. We aren't sure because there isn't an appointment this month. She is in size 2 diapers, and is wearing 3-6 month clothes, with the exception of some dresses. She goes to bed between 9-9:30PM and sleeps until 5:45, swaddled. Then we flip her over onto her tummy, and she sleeps until about 6:45AM. Not too shabby, but we are still working on it. ;)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

God Bless the USA!

Happy 4th of July!!
Caleb and Abby Anderson

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Fun

We are having a great time this summer. I will say that we aren't able to go and do like we did last summer because of Abby's schedule (or lack there 0f) and because it is so hot outside. We do make time to go and do fun things every once in a while. Abby is a trooper, but she is just like her mommy, and DOES NOT like to be hot. At all. :)

On Monday we went to the Mall of Georgia to meet my friend, Charity, and her 2 kids Kate and Evan, to play in the fountains. Caleb loves Kate and Evan, and they love him. They all play well together, and so that gives me and Charity time to chat. Caleb was not too sure about the mountains, as he called them, but once I put him in them, he LOVED them. Here are some pics from our mountain, I mean fountain, trip.

At first he stood outside the fountains, and threw the water like a baseball. Go figure.
He liked for the water to hit him in the booty (thanks, Daddy, for teaching Caleb that!)
He wanted to get his head wet. This is how he did it. Pretty funny.
Abby hung out with mommy and Mrs. Charity in the shade. Next summer she will be all about these fountains, I am sure! :)

This morning we met a few other mom's and their kiddos at the Mayfield Dairy Farm. I use the word farm loosely, because that place was the farthest thing from a farm. When I say dairy farm, what do you think. Cows, right? There was not 1 cow, besides wooden ones to pose with, in that entire place. We had quite a few little ones who were very upset that there were no cows. The only thing that would calm them down is when we told them the cows were taking their nap. That seem to pacify them. Oh well, whatever works, right? :) At the farm, we saw how they put the milk into the yellow jugs. We also learned about why you should buy the yellow jugs and not the white. Yea, it was a sales pitch. :) At the end we did get some ice cream, and that was the highlight of the trip for me and Caleb! Here are some pics from our morning at the, uh, farm. :)

Enjoying his ice cream....he had chocolate, can you tell?

All the kiddos....yea, we looked like a day care group...
Grayson (6 weeks), Brantley (2), Madison (3), Caden (4 months), Caleb (2), Abby (12 weeks), Miley (4), Maddie (6 months), Tori (2), Peyton (standing, 1) Sara Beth (2), Katelyn (11 weeks)
**for you Parkview people, Peyton, the child standing, is Erica Rice's little lady**

The Whitley and The Anderson children
**for you GSU, people these are Kimberly Carraway's kiddos**