Thursday, April 5, 2012

Abby at 1 year old

Tuesday our baby girl turned 1 year old. We spent the day enjoying Abby and spending time together. I was so happy that my Spring Break fell on her birthday. Here is some info on Miss Abby Sue on her 1st birthday....

At 1 year old Abby is...
* walking/running everywhere. She started walking at 10 months and hasn't looked back.
* starting to jabber more and more...she can say mama, dada, bye (pronounced like biiiiii!), ni-ni (night night), Bubba (brother = Caleb), a-lo (hello), and hi
* eating anything and everything. She loves to eat, and hasn't met a food she doesn't love. Her favorites are pancakes, cinnamon rolls, pineapple, and anything sweet.
* not really taking a bottle anymore. We offer her one once or twice a day, but she is mostly completely using sippy cups.
* FINALLY sleeping through the night. It only took her 11 months to decide that sleeping wasn't a suggestion, but she seems to finally have it down (knock on wood). She also takes 2 naps a day -- an AM nap that is about 1 hour and one PM nap that is about 2 hours. I plan on eliminating that AM nap this summer.
At 1 year old Abby likes/loves...
* food
* her brother
* her baby cousins Harper and Evie Grace (or any baby, really)
* her baby dolls
* her "lovey"
* her mama
* her daddy when mama isn't in sight
* bath time (minus having her face washed)
* taking the phone/remote/anything she shouldn't have and running away with it laughing
At 1 year old Abby does not like....
* hairbows/ties
* having her face washed
* having her diaper changed
* when mommy leaves, except when she is at Ms. Anne's house (our nanny)
* her carseat (I am hoping that changes when we turn her around this weekend)

Here are her stats from her well baby check up today...
weight - 18.6lbs - 13% - this is down almost a pound since last week when she got sick
height - 28.75 in. - 30%

Abby's birthday party will be perfectly pink this weekend. I will post pictures afterwards.

PS - The super cute pigtails lasted for about 5 minutes (please see what Abby doesn't like). This is what she normally looks like...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1 year old

Dear Abby Sue,
How in the WORLD are you a whole year old today?!?! It seems like yesterday that we saw the word pregnant on that little stick. Little did we know how drastically our lives would change, and how incomplete it had been before your birth. The day you were born is the day our family was finally complete.

I remember when we found out you were a little girl. I was in complete shock. Even though my gut told me you were a girl (everyone else thought you were a boy), I was still in shock. I was going to get the little girl I had always dreamed of!!! I knew your name before we left the doctor's office. Abigail Susan: after your mommy and Grandmommy. This is where Abby Sue came from. Everyone in mommy's family calls me Jenny Sue, and so naturally you became Abby Sue. ;)

You were originally due on mommy and daddy's 5th wedding anniversary, April 1st, but that was changed to April 5th. I still think the 1st is more accurate. were either 2 days late or 2 days early. Either way, you entered this world much how you act each and every day....with wild abandonment and excitement...and absolutely perfect! :)

I started feeling labor around 3:30AM on April 3rd. I didn't realize what it was until the "cramps" I was having started becoming more and more regular, and began hurting. This is when I woke your daddy up. He fell right back asleep. I woke him up again....and we started timing the contractions. By 5:30 AMwe were on our way to the hospital. At 10:12 AM on April 3, 2011 Abigail Susan Anderson came into the world and mommy, daddy and Caleb were instantly smitten.
The past year has been amazing. You have amazed us with your personality, your ability (and want) to eat anything and everything, your obsession love for your big brother, mommy and daddy, and your spunky personality that Grandmommy calls my "payback."

You are the most perfect little girl, and I thank God every single day for blessing me with the privilege of being you and Caleb's mommy. I love you sweet girl!!!

Happy 1st Birthday, Abby Sue!

I love you to the moon and back,

Monday, April 2, 2012

I've loved you...

I've loved you through prom dates, first dates, wedding dates and due dates...

I've loved you through high school days, college days, newlywed days, parenthood days...

I've loved you through "curfew-ed" nights, summer nights, snowy nights, sleepless nights...

I've loved you through life changes, name changes, career changes, family changes...

I've loved you through laughter, joy, sorrow, tears...

I've loved you through sickness, health, good times, and bad
...and through it all, I'm always amazed that you still love me, too.

Happy 6 Year Anniversary to the one I love.

There's no one else I'd rather go
through life with than you.