Tuesday, June 26, 2012

our little Abby Sue

I thought I would give a little update about Miss Abby Sue. She will be 15 months old next week -- where did the time go? Oh me.

this is her "say cheese" face
At 15 months Abby is one.HOT.MESS!!! She is constantly moving, talking, throwing....you name it. She has definite opinions, and makes sure everyone knows them. She loves to eat, and I can't think of any food she has met that she hasn't loved. :)

Abby loves to run around and play. She likes to push our play grocery cart around the house, so I am thinking a baby stroller will be on her Christmas list. Speaking of babies, she loves her babies. She will hold them, rock them, and most recently this week she has started changing their diapers. She will bring her baby and a diaper to where I am, and lay the baby on top of the diaper and say "uck." That means yuck. :)
 Abby has learned a lot of her body parts (ears, nose, eyes, feet, leg, fingers and belly button. Her favorite part is her belly button. She will show it to anyone, anywhere.
 Getting a decent picture of her is quite a task. She.Is.Always.Moving. To take her picture, you have to either....

A: Hold her tightly while she tries to escape.....


B: Accept that most of your pictures will look like this one. (Thank goodness for digital cameras!!)
And sometimes you will get....

C: A really cute picture of this little lady.

There is one thing about Abby that there is no arguing....she is a daddys girl through and through. He really hates it! (Um, no!)
 We love her so much, and love what she has brought to our family, but I do have to say that she is really cute when she looks like this.....

Friday, June 22, 2012

Zoo Atlanta

What do you get when you have 4 mommies, 4 strollers, 4 kids ages 5, 4, 3, and 2, and 3 1 year olds at Zoo Atlanta? 7 tired babies and 4 tired mommies that had a great time and would do it all over again!!! Yesterday, Caleb, Abby and I headed to the zoo with our supper club mommies and babies. It was crazy and hot, but a lot of fun. We had a nice picnic at the zoo and saw a ton of animals. Caleb's favorite were the lions and Abby loved the goats in the petting zoo. I took a ton of pictures, so I will let them to do the talking...

Caleb and mommy

Abby LOVED the petting zoo

she screamed at the goats

but she wouldn't get too close

Caleb and the lizard

Abby and baby Peyton

Caleb loved the lions

having a great time at the zoo

the big kids (notice Caleb and Peyton holding hands)

the whole gang

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Daddy

Even with the festivities of the wedding this weekend, we were still able to spend Father's Day with all of our favorite dads. Caleb and Abby have been blessed with an awesome daddy who loves and dotes on them all the time. I often joke him about being a softy to them. His response is always "well, I'm the daddy!" They are also very fortunate to have 2 grandfathers who think they are amazing. We are very blessed with all of our daddys!!! I think pictures do a better job of talking, so here is our Father's Day in pictures, well mostly....

this little girl loves her daddy!
Caleb and Daddy
more lovin' for daddy

Grandpa with all 5 of his grandchildren

Grandpa with all of his children and grandchildren

Michael and his dad
Happy Father's Day to all of my favorite dads!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers Day Weekend

Our weekend was anything but relaxing. Not that it wasn't great, it was just very busy. Michael's cousin, Rebecca, got married Saturday night, so our weekend was filled with Bridesmaids Brunch, Rehearsal Dinner, wedding and reception.

On Friday Abby and I were invited to the Bridesmaids Brunch. On our way to meet my mom (she was keeping Caleb), we stopped by the Dry Cleaners. As we were getting into the car a fire truck pulled up and parked right beside us. Caleb was in awe. So, I took him a little closer to get a better look. The next thing I knew Caleb was getting a first class tour of the truck, and I was snapping pictures like it was his prom!!! It was awesome! A huge thank you to the fireman who took time out of his day to make my little boys day super duper! 

After we got Caleb to my mom, Abby and I headed to the Bridesmaids Brunch. My mother-in-law gave the brunch, and it was so nice. Many of Michael's cousins were there with their babies, as well as, all of Rebecca's bridesmaids and future in-laws.

Miss Abby at home before we left.

Aunt Mary Evelyn, Grandmother, and Abby
cousin Evelyn Grace (Evie Grace)

All of the Anderson ladies

Saturday was the main event! Rebecca and Jacob actually got married at the same church Michael and I did, so it was nice walking down memory lane. The wedding was great, even if I didn't see but 5 minutes because a certain little girl thought it was be a-ok to squeal during the ceremony. Side note funny -- last year there were 5 baby girls born in Michael's family. 4 of them attended the wedding. 3 of them were in the foyer of the church within in the first 10 minutes. 2011 did not fare well! :) The reception was held in Rebecca's parents backyard. I wasn't sure what it would be like, but it did not disappoint! It was beautiful. I wasn't great at taking pictures of the wedding, but I did get some great pictures of the people there! :)

with the bride

typical Abby
my children are *slightly* obsessed with their Uncle Grant....but I think the feeling is mutual :)

The Anderson Family -- kinda dark, but it was the best we got!

The Anderson men.....and Abby
Aunt Mary Evelyn and Evie Grace
Rebecca (and Jacob in the background)
I LOVE the picture of Abby, Grandmother and cousin Harper

Aunt Morgann and cousin Harper

Overall, it was a great weekend celebrating a beautiful couple!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our little boy

I don't know where to start on this update. Not that many (or any) of you care about Caleb at 3 years 8 months, but I want to keep this documented for my own memory. :)

Caleb has really completely turned into a little boy and has lost almost all of his baby tendencies. He is completely potty trained (day and night!!!), is only drinking out of a big boy cup (except for in the car), and is learning to swim without his puddle jumper. He still loves to cuddle, give hugs and give kisses. He is such a sweet little boy and a joy for his daddy and me.

Caleb has also entered the "terrible 3's." The 2's were great for us, but once he hit 3 it was a different story. :) Don't get me wrong, Caleb is a very sweet boy who we really enjoy, but this year he has found his own personality, big time. In that personality there is a stubborn streak.

So....at 3 years 8 months Caleb loves:
- Anything and all things sports. His recent favorite, and we don't know where this came from, is hockey. Caleb calls it honky. Mommy, look at all those honkies playing honky. Too funny!
- His sister. Sometimes he loves to love on her, play with her and teach her things. Other times he loves to annoy her and be an older brother. Either way, he loves her.
- Swimming - he just got done 2 weeks of lessons and he made huge improvements. He thinks he is hot stuff now. :)
- Playing make believe. He has recently really gotten into this.With this has come make believe guns. Mommy doesn't love this. Daddy says all boys do it. Humph.
- As much as he loves all sports, baseball, is still his favorite. He is obsessed with watching the Braves every.single.night with his daddy.
- Talking and asking questions. He talks ALL the time. And he loud. I have no idea where he gets that from!
- Chick-fil-A (aka: Chicken from the Cow). I think he would eat it every day if we let him. This is new and mommy and daddy are so happy he is branching out. He also likes Zaxbys and Wendys. We are still working on ordering at a restaurant.  
- Dora and Diego, Team Umizoomi, Jake and the Neverland Pirates are some of his favorite TV shows. He also loves Cars 1 and 2, all of the Toy Story movies, The Lion King, Aladdin - he loves watching TV and movies and would them all day long if he was allowed.
- Davis his cousin. He is obsessed loves his cousin. When Davis is around no one else exists.

At 3 years, 8 months Caleb is not a fan of:
- Eating. He has always been picky and this has always been an area of frustration for us, but in the last few months (with the exception of his new love of Chick Fil A) it has really gotten worse. He has about 4-5 things he will eat. And getting him to actually eat it doesn't come without a battle. I hope this passes SOON!
- Stopping what he is doing to do something mommy or daddy ask him to do. This goes with the terrible 3's I was referring to earlier. ;)
- Staying in bed/going to bed. This is new to us. I have always bragged said that Caleb was a great sleeper and has been since he was 5 weeks old. This all changed in the last few months. It's either I have to go to the bathroom or I am hungry or, the newest, There is a monster under my bed.

That is our little man in a nutshell. Even with the challenge of the past few months he is such an amazing little boy and an absolute JOY in our lives.