Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Isn't this the most precious reindeer you have ever seen?!? This is Caleb's winter coat. His Grandmommy (my mom) got it for him and he LOVES it!!!! It does make him very snug -- it is an instant sleeping pill!!!

Sorry I haven't updated the blog lately. To be honest, not much has been going on. This past weekend we had a nice, relaxing weekend at home doing Christmas stuff. We got Caleb's first Christmas tree, and he LOVES it! He loves the lights and just stares at them constantly. It is so precious! Also this weekend Michael's parents got Caleb a swing (it was an early Christmas gift) and he LOVES it!!!! He just sits, relaxes and stares at the Christmas lights.

Here are some pics....

just relaxing

looking at the Christmas lights

so sleepy

A few week ago Caleb started smiling, but it was random and not everyday. Well, now is a smiling machine! His favorite things to smile about are the red letters above his changing table and the mirror on his new toy. Here are some pictures of my smiling boy staring at himself. I really wonder what is going through his head....

The first time he saw himself he freaked himself out. It was too funny not to capture...

Today Caleb and I headed over to my cousin Michael's house. His wife, Melinda, gave birth to Owen 4 days before Caleb was born. This was the 2nd time the boys had met. The first time Caleb slept through their visit, and Owen cried. Today was the opposite...Owen slept and Caleb cried. So, needless to say, we didn't get any pictures. Maybe next time!!! We will see Owen Christmas Eve and we are hoping they are both awake and happy!!!

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