Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our tiny dancer

Abby turned 15 months on July 3rd. Where in the world has time gone? She is such a mess, but is so much h fun. The past few months she has really developed her personality, and boy is she opinionated!!! She is talking more and more, but still has a hard time communicating what she wants other than making lots of noise. We are currently working on the words, please, thank you, help and yes. ;)

We went for her 15 month well check up, and our thoughts were confirmed. Abby is a teeny tiny little girl. Here are her stats:
weight: 19 lbs 16oz - 5%
height: 29 1/4 in. - 15%
head - I don't remember the inches, but it was the 44% -- I said this is because her brain is so big, and  Michael said it is because of all of her hair. Dr. D said neither were correct ;)

Dr. D wasn't too concerned with Abby's size simply because what we told him she eats (EVERYTHING) and her blood work looked excellent. So, it looks like we have a petite little lady on our hands. :)

At 15 months Abby loves:
- to eat -- she literally hasn't met a food she doesn't like
- go swimming - we have another fish on our hands!
- her daddy - 1 word - obsesssed
- her lovey
- to dance
- being active - she does not sit down except to travel, eat or sleep
- having her hair fixed

At 15 months Abby is not a fan of:
- changing her diaper
- changing her clothes
- when he brother takes things from her
- riding in the car seat for a period of time
- sleep - in Abby's world this is just a mere suggestion!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach 2012

On the fourth of July we headed down to Fort Walton Beach for a few days with my family. The place we stayed was awesome, especially for my kiddos. The pool was a zero entry pool, which was awesome for Abby. It had a mushroom waterfall,  super tall buckets that filled up with water and them dumped or sprayed, a lily pad rope climb, and an entire toddler area that was like a splash park with a slide.  Oh, and did I mention the lazy river?! It was amazing!!

This year was a busy year at the pool simply because Caleb and Abby were both always on the go. Caleb is becoming more and more independent, but we still don't feel comfortable just letting him go. Because we were both always chasing after a child, there aren't a ton of pictures, but there are a bunch of good ones. Enjoy!

Caleb played putt-putt for the first time and LOVED it!

It was a serious game....

Caleb and Davis thought it was funny to try and sleep with Grandmommy

Caleb, Sara and Davis at the pool

Abby LOVED the pool!

The zero entry pool was perfect for her!!

Caleb swimming!

our little fish

Abby and Daddy

such a daddy's girl

Daddy trying to do the lily pads

the best picture I got of these 2!

Caleb on the lily pads

Grandmommy and her grandbabies

The Fab 5

Abby LOVES Sara

Caleb at the playground at dinner

Abby loves the slide

Caleb is *slightly* obsessed with Davis