Friday, April 11, 2008

The countdown has many things :)

This week has been nice. It has been Spring Break. Every year Spring Break makes me want summer break to hurry up and come on. This year is no different - actually I think it might be a bit worse. I love teaching, I really do, but this year has truly tested me. Take it this way -- I earn that paycheck! :) 28 days left, but whose counting!! I think the fact that this summer is going to be full new, exciting things, makes me wanting it to be here that much worse. We have an 8 day trip to Hawaii planned for the end of June, and of course we will find out the sex of baby Anderson at the end of May -- OH -- and you can't forget my 26th birthday in July!!! AHH! I can't wait! This summer is going to be amazing....

Michael and I has slowly started to prepare for the baby. Right when we found out we were pregnant, Michael moved his desk and computer out of the "nursery" (I thought this was so sweet). But, other than that, nothing has been done. Well, last night we went in with trash bags in hand and cleaned out the rest of the junk. There is still stuff in there, but now we just have to figure out what to do with all of it. I did take the few things we have been given for the baby into the room, and I hung up the empty hangers. I think Michael thought I was stupid, but I wanted to put the baby's things in the baby's room. :) We are so excited!

One of my sorority sisters/roommates had a baby 2 weeks ago. Yesterday another friend and I took them dinner, and to hang out a little while. It was so amazing to hold Madison, but at the same time it freaked me out a little bit. It occurred me to that it would be me in this position in about 6 months. Wow....

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sign of Life

Since I last posted, our life has been super crazy! Pregnant life is going well...I will be 13 weeks tomorrow, so the first trimester will be over. It is so hard to believe, especially since I don't even feel too much pregnant. I do feel pregnant when I put on my jeans - they are a bit more snug in the it begins... :)

We went back to the doctor Monday (March 31st), and everything went great. I had lost another 4 pounds (that's 7 1/2 in all). That worried me, but the doctor assured Michael and me that it was OK and normal. She just encouraged me to eat when I could (which is not that often) and to always take my vitamins. I haven't been that sick, just literally I have NO APPETITE. I can't tell you how many to-go boxes I have brought home in the last 13 weeks! Also at the doctor, we heard the heartbeat! That was so amazing. It was a very fast heart rate (160), and sounded nothing like I thought it would. Michael explains it as sounding like someone blowing air through a straw - I guess. :) The doctor said that I looked and was normal, as was Baby Anderson. It was nice to hear such confirming words. I go back April 28th for what they say will be another routine appointment - whatever that is! :) Can you tell I have never done this before!!!!

Other than the baby, life has just been going. I started Spring Break today at 4:01 (ha ha) and Michael is just working like normal. We spent Easter weekend with our families, which was nice. Life is going great for us and can't wait to see what the rest of 2008 holds for us.