Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cars 2

To say that Caleb loves the movie Cars, is a serious understatement. Obsessed might even not be quite the word to describe his love for this movie. Michael and I have watched this movie hundreds of times, and have basically memorized it, know all of the cars names, and can tell you what is going to happen before it happens. We know the entire soundtrack, and we listen to Rascal Flats, Life is a Highway all the time. We have all of the cars, and we play with them daily. We have Cars jammies. We have Cars beach towels. We have Cars socks. We have Cars everything. So, when we saw, back in the winter, that Cars 2 was coming out, we knew that this would be the perfect first movie for Caleb. Everytime a commercial would come on TV Caleb would get so excited, and tell whoever was around that he was going to the store to see that movie soon. As the opening day got closer and closer, Caleb got more and more excited. It became a family event, and today was finally THE DAY. The day Caleb had been waiting for, for what seemed like an eternity. And, to make what he thought was heaven on Earth even better, Grandmommy, Grandpa, Uncle Craig, Aunt Kim, Sara, Davis, mommy, AND daddy all came too (the adults wanted to see it too, and this was a great excuse to go!). He was so excited he could barely stand it. From the picture, you can see that his little body was about to explode with excitement! :)

We got into the theater, and it wasn't what Caleb thought it would be. The TV (as he called it) was "berry big and berry wowed" (very loud and very loud). He sat in daddy's lap, ringing his hands. He was a little nervous. Then, well, then, he got MAD. He wanted to know where Cars 2 was, and why the movie wasn't on. The it started....what we have been waiting months for...CARS 2!!!!!

Caleb did a great job...he ate the candy we bought for him (M&M's) AND the candy we bought for daddy (Sour Patch Kids). About half way through the movie he started switching laps. He sat with daddy. He sat with mommy. He say by himself. He sat with Davis. He sat with Uncle Craig. He eventually ended up back with Daddy, and with about 5 minutes left he passed out....
Poor baby was wiped out...all the excitement finally got to him, and he just couldn't handle it. Once we got home, and he woke up, he kept saying how much he loved the movie and telling us thank you for taking him. It was such an amazing time and such a wonderful memory with our little man!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

I absolutely LOVE summer! I have the luxury of having my summers to myself and my kiddos. I get to spend time with them. We go to the library, the pool, play at home, you name it, we do it! If we don't feel like getting out of our jammies, then we don't. If we want to be at the pool all day, then we do! It is great, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't know how people do it who have to work 12 months a year!!!! I will say that this summer is not as easy as last summer was. Abby is pretty good about going with the flow, but sometimes she just won't have it. So, because of that, we aren't able to go to the pool as much as I would like, but I know that will be a different story next summer! :) Here are a few pictures of our fantastic summer so far...

My babies before church

Caleb at his favorite place; the pool!
Caleb and his cousins, Ava and Owen
Owen and Caleb are 4 days a part...Owen out weighs Caleb by about 15 pounds and is almost as tall as his 4, almost 5, year old sister!

The Camuso Grandchildren, Father's Day 2011
The Grandsons
Caleb and Davis
The Granddaughters
Sara, Abby, and Savannah
yes, this is the best we could get :)
This is what most of the pictures looked like....
I guess Abby was a little bored....
Happy Summer!!!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sometimes I think Caleb and Abby look alike, and other times I am amazed that they have the same parents. Their personalities are totally opposite, but you be the judge for their looks....

Caleb at 2 months old.... Abby 2 months old....

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Fun and Abby is 2 months old!!

Summer officially began for us on Wednesday, and we have been having loads of fun! :) Times flies when you have 2 babies to keep you busy! We are having a blast, and wouldn't trade any of it for the world!!!

Today Abby is 2 months old. I know I said this every month about Caleb, and now Abby, but it is crazy how times flies! This week she finally caught on to sleeping through the night! Whew! She is doing great! She usually goes to bed around 10 or 10:30, sleeps until 5:30/5:45ish, and give her the paci and lay her on her tummy, and she sleeps until 7:30/8, and sometimes then we have to wake her up then!! Caleb has finally gotten back into his schedule of sleeping (he had lost it for about a month after Abby was born), so it is nice to finally have 2 sleeping babies! :)

At 2 months old, Abby loves:
- to have lotion rubbed on her body. She LOVES it!
- to smile - she smiles all the time!
- to eat!!! When she gets hungry she wants her food then and right then.
- to cuddle with Daddy -- yes, she is already Daddy's girl. He can calm her down almost every time.
- To look at that baby in the mirror (aka: her!) and talk to her. Sometimes she smiles at the baby, chews her out, or laughs at the baby. Sometimes the baby hurts her feelings, and she cries. :)
- her brother! She hears his voice and she turns all around until she can find him.
- to be on her tummy....once she can roll over I know we will have a tummy sleeper!

At 2 months old, Abby does not love:
- to ride in the carseat.
- to be hungry/wet/dirty -- but who would?!?!

Now, for what I know yall are wanting...the pictures...

our little fish, Caleb, swimming on daddy's back
Daddy and Caleb

Abby's first time in the was not a success

Yea, she REALLY didn't like it...

Abby's 2 month picture....she is growing like a weed!!!