Saturday, March 24, 2012

Those Anderson Kids

Two kiddos keep me pretty busy, so I thought I would update with some pictures.

At 3 1/2 (almost) Caleb is the most perfect little boy ever!!! Don't get me wrong -- he has his moments -- but he is! He still loves anything baseball/football/golf/basketball and is still the pickiest eater on the planet. Seriously -- if there was an award, he would get it.

At almost 1 (where did the past year go?!?!) Abby is....a.mess. And a hot one at that. :) She is a doll, and one of the most cuddliest babies ever. She loves to give hugs and kisses, and loves mama and daddy time. It depends on the day as to who she wants more. I will do more of an update for her first birthday, so the next few pictures will have to do....

For 11.5 months I have been trying to get just a decent picture of my children. I try all the time to no avail. This is what they usually end up looking like....

Oh, those Anderson Kids...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm baaaack!

Well, 2 months later, a lost camera cord and a death by juice box macbook, I am back with a new computer (thanks, Michael) and a new camera cord! :)

Life around here has been super busy with just, well, life. Michael has been traveling for about 3 days every week since the beginning of February, so I have been single mommying it. It is not an easy job!!! Hopefully the traveling will be over around St. Patrick's Day.

On Valentine's Day Abby had tubes put in. We were nervous about the surgery, but she did AMAZING and our doctors were awesome, too. Miss Abby has also started WALKING!!! She has been standing up and cruising, for what seems like forever, but started taking steps on February 18th. Since then it has been more and more each day. We are thinking she will give up crawling all together in the not too distant future. Today Abby is 11 months how time flies!
Here are a few things Abby loves at 11 months....
- daddy - OMG -- obsessed is more like it!
- the bath tub - she loves to splash and mommy/daddy look like they just got off splash water falls after bath time
- her brother (she calls him Bubba)
- food -- any and all of it. She hasn't met a food she isn't BFF with! :)
- talking - she. never. stops.
- her bottle
- her baby

At 11 months Abby does not like...
- having her face washed/wiped
- sleep -- we are getting a bit better
- having her diaper changed or getting dresses

Caleb is doing great! He is such a big boy. He still loves anything and everything baseball/football/golf. He is the know-it-all about Cars 1 or 2, and thinks Lightening McQueen is the best thing since sliced bread. He is still going to school 2 days a week at our church. He loves it!!!! We have signed him up for t-ball with his cousin, Owen, and friend Robert. This should be a sight to see!!!

Here are a few more pics of my babies!

Abby and mommy before a baby shower for our new twin baby boy cousins, Jack and Will!