Tuesday, March 23, 2010

come on April...

The Anderson family is not sad to see March coming to an end. It has been one heck of a month...whew! In the past month, the Andersons have been through the ringer. Just to name a few things, here is what we have faced in the month of March and the end of February...Michael threw out his back TWICE, Michael got the nasty stomach bug, Caleb is in the middle of his 2nd DOUBLE ear infection in 2 weeks, and last but not least, Sunday we spent all day in the ER with Caleb...

Sunday morning Caleb woke up with basically a dry diaper. This is not normal for him. When we started thinking about it, it occurred to us that he had had very few wet diapers on Saturday, so off the the ER we went. Boy was it an experience.

After a very long day with some very strange, dirty people, we found out that Caleb has hand, mouth and foot virus. What this basically is, is multiple ulcers in the back of his throat that make it very painful to eat/drink hence why there were no wet diapers. (We had chalked all of the not eating/drinking to the ear infection.) With the virus comes a rash on his hands, feet and around his mouth (which we thought were bug bites).

Yeah, we aren't doctors...

The ER doctor, who I will go on record and saying, had the personality of a door nail, gave us some concoction to give him to coat the sores to help him eat. He also said he still had the ear infection. Lovely.

But the best news of all...he his contageious for 7-10 days which means NO MRS. ANNE! You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

After a mild freak out on my part, Michael and I worked out a schedule for Caleb's care this week (thanks, Grandmommy!!!).

The good news is that the concoction seems to be helping and he is eating/drinking/peeing like normal. Today he also seemed to have regained some energy. THANK GOODNESS!!!!

Last week Michael had to have an MRI on his back...it has been a long week waiting to see the doctor. Today we went to get "the news." Do you know what he said...NOTHING! Not a dang thing is wrong...seriously??!?! Well, not really. He said he does have some bulging discs and a possible tear, but nothing to diagnose. Good news to say the least. But not more excuses from Michael... :)

To say the least The Andersons are truly looking forward to next week when April finally arrives (and our 4 year anniversary). Hopefully everyone will be well and we can enjoy our Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tiny dancer...

This past weekend we headed down to Columbus, GA for my cousin's wedding. I was SO excited because this was Caleb's first family wedding, and let's just say my family is crazy and fun!!! And, of course, you always look for a reason to show off your baby to the people you know will agree with you. :) Another reason I was so excited to go was because since Caleb was born, there have been 6 other babies born, and 4 would be at the wedding. For those of you who don't know, my mom's side of the family is HUGE (I am #17 of 18 grandchildren), and I am close with all of them. I consider myself lucky to have relationships with my 1st cousins, as well as my 2nd and 3rd cousins. I hope Caleb learns to love this family as much as Michael and I do.

Anyway, the wedding was a blast. Thanks to Grandmommy, Caleb made it through the ceremony without a peep, and only colored 3 programs in the process. :) The reception was another story...the minute we got there Caleb started running and dancing. He did this for the better part of 3 hours. He had a great time and was a hit with all of the family and the bridesmaids who wanted to dance with him. Mommy isn't ready for that quite yet!!!

All of the Camuso women at the hotel before the wedding...
Grandmommy, Sara, me, Lisi, Savannah and Kim

The Andersons at the wedding -- sorry it's a little dark

Caleb on the dance floor with Sara

If Caleb wasn't on the dance floor or running around, he was with Davis. Caleb L-O-V-E-S Davis. Caleb thinks Davis is IT!!! I love this picture! This is Caleb and Davis in a nutshell...

me and mom

Here are some of the babies. I didn't get pics of all of them ---
Bo - born August 27, 2009

Emma - born October 8, 2009

Other than the wedding, we have been bust re-doing our kitchen, and I am happy to report that we are almost done!!! I will post the pics as soon as it is completed!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Caleb is so much fun these days! It amazes me how much is able to communicate to Michael and me. His favorite phrases to say are "dit down" (sit down) and "duce, pease" (juice, please). I know I have said this at every stage, but I think this stage might be my favorite. :) With all of the fun, also comes Caleb pushing the envelope. He has learned "mine!" and "no" and uses them frequently. Let's just say Caleb has been spending some time in time out. All in all, we have a great baby boy who are love with all of our hearts!

The past few weeks have been busy for The Andersons. Here is our past few weeks in pictures...

In honor of the Winter Olympics, Caleb wore his downhill skiing PJ's...GO USA!

Baby Savannah was baptised. Caleb sat through the ENTIRE service like a big boy!! Thanks Uncle Craig for your help!

The Bell Family - my sister, Savannah and Russ

The Camuso grandchildren...Davis, Caleb, Sara, and Savannah

Aunt Jennifer, Savannah and Sara

Caleb in the buggy at Lowe's with Daddy's sunglasses...what a cool dude! :)

This weekend we are headed to Columbus for my cousin's wedding. We are really looking forward to it and I am sure there will be tons of pics to share!