Saturday, September 27, 2008

14 days, but whose counting?!?!

We went to the doctor yesterday and things are going well. We had the ultrasound, which was really neat. We hadn't "seen" Caleb since around 20 weeks and things have really changed in there. He is so cramped - I really don't know how that could be comfortable! Caleb was head down with his little fists in front of his face, boxer style. It was so sweet! They re-checked all of his organs, bones, you name it! They confirmed again that Caleb is indeed a boy and not a girl. I was actually relieved because I have had a reoccurring dream that Caleb was a little lady! :) The reason they did the ultrasound was because I have been measuring a little ahead consistently, and they wanted to make sure my fluids were on track and/or that Caleb wasn't getting too big. Well, everything was right on track -- Caleb measured just about where he should be and weighed in at 7lbs. 0oz., 50th percentile. You can't get much more average than that!! All of my fluids were fine, so all is good in the world! :) It was so nice to have the ultrasound, but so surreal at the same time. After the ultrasound was over, it occurred to me that the next time I see Caleb it won't be through a fuzzy ultrasound, but in real life!!! Wow....

My appointment went well too. I had actually lost 1 pound, which they say is normal. My iron was very low last week so they did blood work (yuck) to re-check it, and it was back to normal. I have been seeing stars a lot while doing nothing, and they think my very low iron might be to blame because of it. They didn't seem too concerned because my blood pressure was still in the normal range. I hadn't dilated anymore, but have started to efface. She didn't say how much, so I am thinking not much. Actually, her exact words were "Your cervix is a little shorter. That means you are staring to efface." So, no % was given, so I think that process might have just begun!! We go back to the doctor next week...going every week is fun! :)

This weekend we are going to clean and continue to prepare for Mr. Man. Tonight we are going to some friends house to watch the UGA/Bama game. GO DAWGS!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

38 weeks (almost) and counting

Well, for all of you who has been asking, here is my HUGE belly...37 1/2 weeks and growing. I am ready for Caleb to be here. I want to meet him, see who he looks likes, how much he weighs and how long he is. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed being pregnant. But there are a few things I can't wait to be able to do are just a few...

- I can't wait to see my feet again
- I can't wait to be able to bend over and not hit my "rock"
- I can't wait to be able to sleep through the night without going to the bathroom
- I can't wait to see the bones in my feet again

Things are going well for Caleb and me. Things are progressing as they should (I guess), and we are ready to roll. I went to the Doctor last week and I had dilated 1 cm. Michael and I were so excited, then the doctor said that I could walk around for weeks like this. I thought it meant things were about to start happening! Guess not! We go back Friday morning for another check up and an ultrasound. I am excited about the ultrasound. :)

As promised, here are some pics...

These 2 are of Michael and his dad putting the crib together. Always interesting....

These are of Buddy, our cat. The blanket he is playing with was supposed to be Caleb's, but Buddy had another plan. It is one of those stuffed animal/blanket things. One of my students gave it to me.

Lastly, here is Caleb's nursery, complete (well, almost).

Now, all we need is a baby....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have been so busy recently that I have not had the chance to update our blog. We are busy getting ready for the arrival of Mr. Caleb. Michael and I are so excited we can hardly stand it! Our spare time is spent getting his nursery together, washing his clothes and going to all of my wonderful showers!!!! Oh and any other time I have is dedicated to planning to be out of school for 12 weeks!!!

The pregnancy is still going fine. I love feeling Caleb kick everyday and watching him grow (I swear my stomach grows by the minute!!). I am starting to swell, which is not fun. I don't know if my feet have grown or if my feet are too fat to fit all the way into them! :) I can no longer wear my engagement ring (the wedding ring it a little bigger). I am still enjoying being pregnant, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't ready for him to be here. I went to the doctor today, and it seems as though Caleb may still be breech. I go back September 17th (36 1/2 weeks) and that is when my "waist down" exams start. She said that they would check my cervix, check for dilation and if they couldn't feel a definite head then we would have to have an ultrasound to see where he is hanging out. She also said that next week we will discuss what was next (to turn the baby, c-section, etc.). I kinda hope he is still breech next week so I can have another ultrasound (wrong, I know!!).

I will post pics of Caleb's room and me soon!