Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick Update

Yesterday I had to take Caleb to the doctor. Thursday night he was running a slight fever (100 on the dot), had some serious congestion, and didn't sleep AT ALL! We were up with him every 15-20 minutes (no exaggeration there). Anyway, all day Friday he was fussy and still very congested. So off to the doctor we went. Everything is fine, he just has a very bad cold. The doctor gave us some suggestions to help him sleep better, so we'll see if it works. The news is that Caleb now weighs 15 pounds and 12 ounces. That means he has gained 1 pound 8 ounces in about a month! YAHOO! I know that might seem lame to some of you parents out there, but please remember Caleb's reflux issue! I was so excited. He also did all of his "tricks" for the doctor (sitting up, rolling, etc.) and she was impressed how well he was sitting up independently (I, of course, agreed. He is very smart!).

Last weekend we also started veggies!!! So far Caleb has had carrots and green beans. I don't think he loves either. Below is a carrot pic.

Friday, March 13, 2009

5 months old

Caleb turned 5 months old yesterday. This is the picture of Caleb before we left for school. Yes, he is sitting up. He is so proud! It is so hard to remember our lives without this precious human being...he has brought so much joy to our family and is so much fun. He is growing and changing is amazing to see!

Like I said earlier, Caleb's newest "trick" is sitting up. He can't do it without supporting himself with his hands, but he does do it! :) He gets so excited when he realizes what he is doing and then tumbles over. For this picture he sat like this for a good 5-10 minutes!

Caleb has also started to really play in his exersaucer (I don't think I spelled that right). He LOVES it! He likes to jump and make all of the toys make their noise.

We have been a very usy family!! We have all sorts of things going on... The first bit of info is that my sister is expecting her first baby September 18th! We are so excited Caleb will have a cousin so close in age (they will be about 11 months apart). The next exciting thing is that I (Jennifer) found out this week that I will be teaching 3rd grade next year. I am SO excited about this change and I am looking forward to the challenge of 3rd grade! :) Last week and weekend Michael was in Virgina for work. I was dreading being a "single parent" for 5 days, but it actually went better than I thought! :) We had a jammed packed weekend, and spent 1 night with Grandmommy and Grandpa.

Lastly, here are 2 pictures. The 1st picture is of Caleb at 1 month old. The 2nd picture is of Caleb last week. Doesn't even look like the same baby!!!! Well, except for the open mouth that is! :)