Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm a dork, I know..

For as long as email and forwards have been going on, I have always been a sucker for these surveys about yourself. It was really bad in college, when I had no worries, and my friends made fun of me. It is sad how some things never change.

10 years ago: I was 16 and a junior at Parkview. I was dating Michael for about 6 months. Little did I know how that would turn out. You could find me at football games, at friends houses, with Michael or working at ACE Hardware. :)

8 years ago: I was a freshman at Georgia Southern. I had just pledged Phi Mu and was loving life. Michael and I were still together. You could find me out with friends, at a band party or out with Michael.

6 years ago:
I was a junior at Georgia Southern. I was living in the Phi Mu house having a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael and I were still together (see a pattern?!?!). I had just gotten into the College of Education, and so my life had become consumed with lesson plans.

4 years ago:
I was had just graduated from college! YAHOO!!! I had already accepted a job at RD Head to start in the fall teaching first grade. I was engaged to marry Michael.

2 years ago: I was a married woman, a homeowner and loving life.

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