Monday, October 27, 2008

our first "solo" day

Well, after 2 wonderful weeks with Michael home, he had to go back to work today. I was NOT looking forward to him being gone, and to be honest, I was kinda scared. Anyone who has been around us sometime during the last 2 weeks knows how hands on and wonderful Michael has been with Caleb. I kidded Michael all weekend about how many times he was going to call, but as the day went on, I called Michael more. :) Here is a brief overview of our day without daddy....

4:45AM (Michael was still in the bed) - Caleb decided this would be a good time to wake up hungry, wet and ready to play. We (mommy and Caleb) got up and ate. Caleb finally fell back asleep around 5:30 fed and dry.

7:30AM - Caleb was awake, hungry and ready for the day. We ate breakfast (the 2nd one of the day) and got dressed for the day.

8:45AM - Caleb fell back asleep and so mommy decided it would be a good time to shower. Mommy also called the doctor because Caleb has some serious "eye gunk" that wouldn't go away. They tell us to be there at 10:20 (mommy now has to hussle to get ready and out the door).

9:45AM - Mommy is showered and ready to go. She decides she should change Caleb's diaper before our appointment. Caleb decides this would be a good idea to pee all over his outfit. Lovely.

- We are out the door and on our way to the doctor.

10:20AM - We are at the doctor and we sit there for 15 minutes, then they tell us I am in the wrong waiting room. Lovely.

...have I mentioned how heavy his car seat is????....

- we are still the right waiting room...for the doctor...

11:00AM - still waiting...

11:15AM - They call our name and it is time to weigh Caleb. He screams when I take his clothes off. Lovely...he has gained 5 oz in 7 days...yea!!!

- Caleb decides it is time to eat. I break out the bottle and feed him. He then proceeds to spit-up all over mommy and himself. Lovely.

11:30AM - The doctor comes in. He tells us that Caleb has 2 clogged tear ducts and needs an antibiotic. He then tells me he wants to do a culture on his eye to make sure there isn't anything more. He the proceeds to stick a q-tip into Caleb's eyelid. I have to hold his head still while he screams. Mommy then proceeds to start crying. It was not a pretty scene. The doctor then checks Caleb from head to toe and says he looks good, except his "gunky" eyes. The doctor then tells me that I have to take the culture to the lab...on the OTHER SIDE OF THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!!

...have I mentioned how heavy his car seat is?????????...

12:30PM - We meet Grandmommy at Sam's to buy wipes. Caleb sleeps through this experience.

1:00PM - Caleb and mommy venture to Kroger to have his prescription filled. They decide they will take FOREVER to fill our medicine.

1:45PM - We leave Kroger. Caleb is hungry. Mommy is hungry.

2:00PM - We are home (finally) and Caleb eats and falls asleep.

- Mommy goes to check on Caleb. Mommy obviously didn't put on his diaper right because he has wet the pac-n-play. We are now on outfit 2 for the day.

3:00 - 4:00PM
- This is kinda a blur for mommy. :)


- Mommy takes a nap! :)

Whew! What a day!!! Who knew it would be such an exhausting day. We are looking forward to a quiet, calm day tomorrow. Ha ha -- we'll see....

I will post pictures of our little man soon!


Ashley, Scott, and Grace said...

I am so excited...I found your blog through Jennifers. It gets easier:) I am so excited for yall. Caleb is absoulutely precious. Congratulations!

Julie said...

Oh Jennifer - isn't motherhood great?!? If you get bored or worn out - you can always come hang out with me and my rug rats!

Jennifer :) said...

Wow!! I can't believe I am about to do this again!!

About the eye gunk...Drew had that and it drove me absolutely crazy. We used the meds and they didn't work real well. The doc told us to massage the inner corner of his eye. You have to do it kind of hard but it did help to unclog it. At first I wouldn't do it because I was afraid I was hurting him...finally I had enough and started doing it several times a day and it cleared up quickly. Just thought you might want to try it. :)

Tim and Mandy Sharkey said...

Ashley told me you have a blog too! I'm so excited! Now I get to see all the pictures of your sweet little man! I need to come meet him!

Leslie said...

Doctor's visits are great...yeah right. The first sick visit I took 2 sick girls to was the day I said, okay only 2 kids for me. I think drs. take you to your breaking point. It gets easier...hang in there!