Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1 Thanksgiving, Santa and Sleep

The past few days have been quite busy for the Anderson clan. On Saturday Caleb had his first of 2 Thanksgiving at Michael's parents house. The house was filled with family, friends and good food!!! I think all together there were 22 people there if I am counting correctly. Caleb was able to meet lots of his cousins and a few friends too!!! We also made an attempt to take a family picture for the Christmas card...it was soooooo cold! Here is a picture of Caleb after the photo session...he was a a little cold!

Michael is off work all week, so with him home we decided to take Caleb to meet the big man -- Santa Claus that is! :) He was sound asleep when we took him out of the carseat to meet Santa, but as soon as we took him out those eyes popped open and we were sure we were going to have a screaming baby in the picture. However, Caleb just looked all around and took it all in. We got a precious picture of Caleb and Santa with wide-eyed Caleb. :)

Lastly, Caleb has decided it is cool to sleep through the night. By "through the night" I am talking 8-9 hours!!!!!!! He started on Thursday night and has done it every night since (5 nights in a row!!!)!!! Needless to say, we are thrilled and our home is a happier one -- it is amazing what good sleep can do for a person! :)

Since Michael and I are such the "hunters," (UM - NO!) here is a camo picture in honor of deer season!

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