Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We had a very fun, very busy Easter this year. Friday we began our Easter festivities by dying Easter eggs. I was so excited this year to do this with Caleb since he knows his colors and is really into the Easter Bunny coming to our house. Caleb did not disappoint. He was so much fun, and we had a BLAST dying eggs, or coloring them, as Caleb says. :)
Caleb with the colors.

"coloring" the eggs

As always, on the Saturday before Easter Michael's mom's family (the Grant's) get together for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. This is always so much fun because there are so many little ones. There were 12 kiddos there ranging in age from 6 to 3 weeks old (that's Abby!!). Two great-grandchildren weren't there, and we are adding 3 more this year!!! There were TONS of eggs, and our little hunter had a blast. Although, he wasn't willing to share with his sister! :)

Caleb and Thomas -- they are 9 months apart

HELP! I can't reach this one!! I need it! It's a basketball!

Aunt Morgann to the rescue!

On the hunt!

Unc Gant (aka: Uncle Grant) thought it was so funny to put eggs on the roof. He should have known that his nephew would want them down

All the kiddos after hunting for their eggs. This was the best I could get...you try getting 12 kids to look at you and smile at the same time! :)

Easter Sunday we made our first trip as a family of 4 to church. It went perfectly! Caleb went to Sunday School as usual, and Abby slept in her carseat with us in the sanctuary. She never woke up, and only startled when the orchestra got extra loud! After church we went to my parents house for lunch with the rest of my family. I forgot to take my camera over there, but here are some pictures from our house Easter morning. The Easter Bunny came!!!

The Easter Bunny left eggs all down the hallway! Caleb found them when he woke up!
He quickly figured out that if you drop the eggs they open, and there is candy inside. I think the Easter Bunny will need to tape the eggs together next year!!!

Look at my eggs, mommy!!!!!
(please excuse the morning hair...it was 7AM!)

My best attempt at getting an Easter Morning picture of my babies....sad, I know.

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