Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1 month old!!

Today Abby is 1 month old. My how times flies. I know I said this with Caleb, but it is even more so with Abby. Time is flying right before my eyes!!! Abby is so much fun, but I can't get over how much different she is than Caleb was as an infant. Here is some info about Miss Abby Sue at 1 month old...

At 1 month old Abby likes...
- to have her hair brushed. Such a girl! When she is upset this can usually calm her down. :)
- to lay in her crib and on her changing table.
- to lay on her tummy...especially on her daddy. Daddy loves this as well.
- to sleep....once she falls asleep she is so hard to wake up!
- to have head/face rubbed.
- to be held.

At 1 month old Abby does not like...
- to go to sleep. But, like I said, once she is asleep we are good to go.
- to be strapped into the carseat. Initially, once the car gets moving we are usually OK. Usually being the key word here. :)
- to have her diaper changed.
- to be cold. Such a drama queen about this one :)

Overall, God has blessed us with another wonderful child. She is such a blessing to us, and feels like she has always been here. She is changing by the minute, and learning and discovering so much every day. Here are some pictures of our first month together.

About 4-5 days old
first time in her crib

first bath

first smile (this is happening more and more, but not all the time) :)

loves from brother

Abby's official 1 month picture...

Caleb's 1 month picture...

We go back to the doctor Thursday for Abby's 1 month check-up, and Caleb's 30 month check-up. I will post the stats. I can't wait to see how much she has grown!!!

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