Saturday, July 24, 2010

Braves Game

**This is the 2nd post today. Please make sure you read the wedding post as well!**

For the wedding, Michael's cousin Charley and his fiance, Erin, came and stayed with us! They are SO much fun and Caleb LOVES, kinda on the obsession side of love, Erin! We can't wait to celebrate their wedding day in Kentucky in January!!!!! On Sunday after the wedding we decided to go the the Braves game. This was Caleb's first big Braves games (he has been to several Gwinnett Braves games), so we were very excited!

We got there with plenty of time. Remember: I am married to the man who believes you should be at least 30 minutes early to everything, if not more. Charley is no better. Needless to say, we were WAY early! Anyway, we took advantage of the time and took some pictures outside of the stadium.

And then we took some more pictures once we got into the stadium...

Caleb was not too sure of Chopper!

Don't you worry...we were there SO early that we got to see the grounds crew cover the field for the RAIN DELAY!!!!!!!!!! UGH!! It poured. It lightening. It thundered. All of these things combined with a VERY excited 21 month old baby, who should have been napping, was not a great deal of fun!
Finally the game started, and Caleb was serious about the beisball (that's how he says it) and his tomahawk Charley bought him...

Here is Charley and Erin!

So, we watched about 2 innings, and Caleb had had enough. So Caleb and mommy headed down to Toon Town while the others watched a few more innings. All in all it was a fun, memorable first Braves game for Mr. Man!

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