Monday, May 11, 2009

I am sorry it has been a long time since I posted, and I apologize. Life has been crazy!! Caleb is becoming more and more mobile these days, and so I have less and less time to do other things. :) He is growing so much and is becoming more and more fun. He is rolling all over the place. I call him my little rolly polly. He can get himself all over the place just by rolling. It is kinda amazing to watch. He is also up on all four's rocking and trying to crawl. He just can't quite get there. He will move his arms and them scoot his legs, but can't just get the motion of truly crawling. He is almost there though! He can also crawl backwards. It is too cute. He is so proud of himself. :)

Now on to our very busy lives....

On Friday Caleb went to his very first Relay for Life. My school raises a lot of money for Relay and I try to be as involved as I can. I don't usually miss Relay for Life. For those of you who don't know, Michael's mom had Breast Cancer 6 years ago, and so it is very near and dear to our hearts. Caleb had a great time looking at all of the people and hearing all of the loud sounds. He was able to see his Grandmother walk in the survivor walk which gets me every time. She was so excited to see her grandson cheering her on as she walked by. One bad thing did happen right after Caleb and I left Relay. Michael's mom fell trying to avoid someone who wasn't paying attention (those of you who have ever been to the Gwinnett County Relay know how incredibly crowded it is). When she fell she broke her elbow and her arm (3 breaks in all). She is in A LOT of pain and will have surgery Tuesday morning. She will be in a cast for about 2 months and then will have physical therapy. Other than that we had a great time, and Caleb was a trooper. :) Here are some pictures of Caleb's first Relay for Life...

This is my friend Jayme's daughter, Kaleigh. She is almost a year exactly older than Caleb. She was very interested in Caleb. Jayme said that she must want herself a younger man! :)

Caroline wanted to feed Caleb his dinner, so I let her have at it! This is Caroline, Caleb, me and Ali. Caleb LOVES Ali! :)

We also celebrated my first Mother's Day. Can you believe I didn't take 1 picture! UGH! I am so mad at myself! It was a wonderful weekend (that's how long we celebrated). Michael got up with Caleb, and I was able to sleep in Saturday morning until 9:45 (my how times have changed). I went and got a pedicure and then we went to dinner with my parents and to see Michael's mom and dad. On Sunday I woke up to Caleb and Michael and they had some cards for me. Caleb also got me a spa package that I can't wait to use! I know the massage will be amazing. We went to church and then I played in a tennis match. We ended the night by meeting my family for dinner in Roswell. All in all it was a wonderful weekend. I consider myself so blessed to have been chosen to be Caleb's mother. I am blessed beyond words.

Here are some recent pictures of my little man. :)

Caleb has a stuffed animal, Mr. Moose. He LOVES Mr. Moose. This is how I found him sleeping the other night. I couldn't resist the photo opt! :)

Michael's mom knew I was still worried about Caleb and the bathtub, so she bought Caleb the bathtub below. It is pretty cool and Caleb loves it. If you squeeze the duck's beak he quacks. Too cute! :)

Caleb and Mommy. Sorry it's blurry.

Caleb has been playing so hard lately that he has been passing out during his bottle. Here is what he normally looks like after eating his bedtime bottle.

Here is a short video of Caleb rocking. He gets so excited! :)

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Leslie said...

I knew you would love the "duck bath" you are moving on in the bath stages!