Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Growing Baby Boy!

That picture pretty much sums up Caleb these days -- happy!! He is becoming so much fun with his developing personality. :) He is growing and changing so much these days -- it amazes me to go back and look at pictures from just 4 months ago -- he has changed so much!

This past weekend we celebrated Aunt Mary Evelyn's 23rd birthday at the Anderson's. Caleb loved seeing his family. They always love on him so much -- he loves kisses! Here are a few pics from the birthday party.

Caleb and Aunt Mary Evelyn

cousin Sarah giving Caleb kisses (Sarah is a year and a half)

Caleb and Elizabeth

Here are some other fun pictures of Caleb from the last few weeks....

our 'lil man enjoyed watching the Super Bowl in a pink boppy chair!!!!

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