Monday, January 5, 2009

Caleb's new tricks

Caleb is growing and changing so much everyday. As a mom it is so much fun to see it happen before my eyes. Some of Caleb's new tricks are reaching and grabbing his toys, "marching" in the bathtub, holding onto toys and shaking them and trying to roll over. Here are few pictures of my boy and some of his tricks.....

Reaching for his toys...he loves when they light up and sing to him...

Holding his keys. He had just gotten done shaking them and laughing as they made noise. In this picture he is also watching football. He LOVES football!

Grandmommy gave Caleb a tummy turtle for Christmas to help with his "love" (insert sarcasm here) of tummy time. He actually LOVES it! He get so excited and kicks and sits up!

He LOVES looking at Daddy!!

This is a video of a typical bath with Caleb. He now LOVES baths! He gets excited when he hears the water starting. The legs start going and they don't stop until bath time is over. In the past week, Caleb has learned how to splash (or maybe just kick harder), and so mommy gets soaked every time we bathe! Please excuse my voice -- I have a sinus infection!

This weekend we also met up with one of my old friends, Melissa Greene Keel. Melissa and I grew up together (literally), got married on the same day (not together) and now have babies that are a month and half apart. Here is Caleb with his new buddy, Brody.


Mary Evelyn Anderson said...

Love the post and the video! Don't let Shawn see the "marching"...he'll think Caleb's Army-ready for sure! ha ha Caleb needs to visit Aunt M.E. and P.S. Happy New Year!

Elizabeth said...

Left, left, left, right, left!

We need to get Caleb and Sarah together to play now that he is wiggling around--I would love to see their reactions to each other!

Jennifer, Michael and Caleb Anderson said...

That is my boy! He is growing up so fast.