Monday, January 12, 2009

3 months old!!

WOW!!! Today is Caleb's 3 month birthday!! I can't believe it! These past 3 months have FLOWN by, and I have loved (almost) every minute. Caleb is such a blessing to our lives, and we love him with every ounce of our being.

At 3 months, Caleb is loving...
- smiling and laughing out loud -- it is so precious!
- grabbing anything any everything
- recognizing mommy and daddy with a smile and kicking legs
- rolling over from tummy to back - SOMETIMES
- sleeping in his crib like a big boy for 10 hours every night :) (this was a big step for mommy!)
- reaching, grabbing and holding onto toys
- remembering how toys work
- splashing in the tub -- this is still his favorite
- talking ALL the time -- he also raises his eyebrows sometimes and has learned how to change the pitch in his voice
- squeals when he is excited or when something makes him happy
- turning towards someone when they are talking, especially mommy and daddy
- holding his head up and looking around
- learning to like tummy time
- suck on his hand and try and get his WHOLE fist into his mouth
- bring his hands together at his chest -- we say he is praying...

Caleb is not loving...
- burping - thanks to reflux
- having a dirty or wet diaper
- being hungry

Also today Michael and I took Caleb BACK to the doctor (we are going to be their monthly bonus) because Caleb was still spitting up and we are concerned about his weight gain. Well, we got good news!!! Caleb gained 7 ounces in 4 days!!!! That is WONDERFUL considering he only gained 11 ounces in 3 weeks last time! I was so so so excited. Since he is still spitting up and very very fussy when he has to be burped, we changed his formula and his medicine. We are hoping this will fix Mr. Man's spitting up!!!!

Here are some pictures of Caleb today, and a video of Michael making him laugh...

Daddy is so funny!

My hands taste SO good!

This weekend we saw Uncle Grant and Aunt Morgann. Here is a pic of the 3 of us. I didn't get the brown memo...

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