Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Daddy

Even with the festivities of the wedding this weekend, we were still able to spend Father's Day with all of our favorite dads. Caleb and Abby have been blessed with an awesome daddy who loves and dotes on them all the time. I often joke him about being a softy to them. His response is always "well, I'm the daddy!" They are also very fortunate to have 2 grandfathers who think they are amazing. We are very blessed with all of our daddys!!! I think pictures do a better job of talking, so here is our Father's Day in pictures, well mostly....

this little girl loves her daddy!
Caleb and Daddy
more lovin' for daddy

Grandpa with all 5 of his grandchildren

Grandpa with all of his children and grandchildren

Michael and his dad
Happy Father's Day to all of my favorite dads!!!

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