Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers Day Weekend

Our weekend was anything but relaxing. Not that it wasn't great, it was just very busy. Michael's cousin, Rebecca, got married Saturday night, so our weekend was filled with Bridesmaids Brunch, Rehearsal Dinner, wedding and reception.

On Friday Abby and I were invited to the Bridesmaids Brunch. On our way to meet my mom (she was keeping Caleb), we stopped by the Dry Cleaners. As we were getting into the car a fire truck pulled up and parked right beside us. Caleb was in awe. So, I took him a little closer to get a better look. The next thing I knew Caleb was getting a first class tour of the truck, and I was snapping pictures like it was his prom!!! It was awesome! A huge thank you to the fireman who took time out of his day to make my little boys day super duper! 

After we got Caleb to my mom, Abby and I headed to the Bridesmaids Brunch. My mother-in-law gave the brunch, and it was so nice. Many of Michael's cousins were there with their babies, as well as, all of Rebecca's bridesmaids and future in-laws.

Miss Abby at home before we left.

Aunt Mary Evelyn, Grandmother, and Abby
cousin Evelyn Grace (Evie Grace)

All of the Anderson ladies

Saturday was the main event! Rebecca and Jacob actually got married at the same church Michael and I did, so it was nice walking down memory lane. The wedding was great, even if I didn't see but 5 minutes because a certain little girl thought it was be a-ok to squeal during the ceremony. Side note funny -- last year there were 5 baby girls born in Michael's family. 4 of them attended the wedding. 3 of them were in the foyer of the church within in the first 10 minutes. 2011 did not fare well! :) The reception was held in Rebecca's parents backyard. I wasn't sure what it would be like, but it did not disappoint! It was beautiful. I wasn't great at taking pictures of the wedding, but I did get some great pictures of the people there! :)

with the bride

typical Abby
my children are *slightly* obsessed with their Uncle Grant....but I think the feeling is mutual :)

The Anderson Family -- kinda dark, but it was the best we got!

The Anderson men.....and Abby
Aunt Mary Evelyn and Evie Grace
Rebecca (and Jacob in the background)
I LOVE the picture of Abby, Grandmother and cousin Harper

Aunt Morgann and cousin Harper

Overall, it was a great weekend celebrating a beautiful couple!

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