Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our little slugger

Caleb has always dreamed of playing baseball. Maybe it is because of his cousin, Davis. Caleb has grew up watching Davis' games and idolizing his older cousin. Maybe it is because his daddy always has sports on, and when it is baseball season it is always on. It doesn't matter what team is playing, we are watching. Whatever the reason, it is in his blood. Both of our families loves sports, with baseball being at the top of that list.

All set and ready for the ball. He LOVED playing pitcher!!! 
With all of that said, Caleb is playing t-ball for the first time this season. I have to say I don't know who is loving this more....Caleb, daddy, or mommy! He is playing at a church by our house with his friend Robert and his cousin, Owen, both on his team. They are on the blue team, but we call them the Cubs. ;) Caleb is number 7 just like his mommy, Davis and Grandpa.

Caleb takes his baseball very seriously. Every Saturday morning before his games, he is up before the sun wanting to put on his uniform. So, he is in his uniform all morning on Saturdays, and sometimes we can't get him out of it. Oh well -- some battles are not worth fighting. He starts his mornings with a dose of ESPN Sportscenter. No joke. This is what he prefers over cartoons.
#7 sliding into home
A few weeks ago Caleb got the game ball. I have to say this was our proudest moment for our little slugger. He was over the moon excited about this accomplishment, and mommy and daddy were super proud of him because it was a goal he set for himself that morning after a few weeks of not getting the game ball (he REALLY wanted to get it!).

This season has been wonderful and we have learned a lot and loved watching Caleb grow as a ball player. I see many of my Saturdays spent at the ball field in my future.

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