Thursday, April 5, 2012

Abby at 1 year old

Tuesday our baby girl turned 1 year old. We spent the day enjoying Abby and spending time together. I was so happy that my Spring Break fell on her birthday. Here is some info on Miss Abby Sue on her 1st birthday....

At 1 year old Abby is...
* walking/running everywhere. She started walking at 10 months and hasn't looked back.
* starting to jabber more and more...she can say mama, dada, bye (pronounced like biiiiii!), ni-ni (night night), Bubba (brother = Caleb), a-lo (hello), and hi
* eating anything and everything. She loves to eat, and hasn't met a food she doesn't love. Her favorites are pancakes, cinnamon rolls, pineapple, and anything sweet.
* not really taking a bottle anymore. We offer her one once or twice a day, but she is mostly completely using sippy cups.
* FINALLY sleeping through the night. It only took her 11 months to decide that sleeping wasn't a suggestion, but she seems to finally have it down (knock on wood). She also takes 2 naps a day -- an AM nap that is about 1 hour and one PM nap that is about 2 hours. I plan on eliminating that AM nap this summer.
At 1 year old Abby likes/loves...
* food
* her brother
* her baby cousins Harper and Evie Grace (or any baby, really)
* her baby dolls
* her "lovey"
* her mama
* her daddy when mama isn't in sight
* bath time (minus having her face washed)
* taking the phone/remote/anything she shouldn't have and running away with it laughing
At 1 year old Abby does not like....
* hairbows/ties
* having her face washed
* having her diaper changed
* when mommy leaves, except when she is at Ms. Anne's house (our nanny)
* her carseat (I am hoping that changes when we turn her around this weekend)

Here are her stats from her well baby check up today...
weight - 18.6lbs - 13% - this is down almost a pound since last week when she got sick
height - 28.75 in. - 30%

Abby's birthday party will be perfectly pink this weekend. I will post pictures afterwards.

PS - The super cute pigtails lasted for about 5 minutes (please see what Abby doesn't like). This is what she normally looks like...

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