Monday, January 10, 2011

Kentucky Wedding and Snow!

This weekend we headed up to Winchester, Kentucky for Charley and Erin's wedding (Charley is Michael's cousin). Michael was in the wedding, so we took the day off Friday and headed up for all of the wedding festivities. Ever since they set their wedding date I have been worrying about the weather. What if we got snowed in? What if we got stuck on the side of the road? I was living through all of the "what ifs" that this trip could bring. Well, luckily, the trip up there was mostly uneventful, with the exception of 1 stupid man in Kentucky who tried to kill us by not looking and pulling into our lane. All was fine, though. We went through the beautiful TN mountains with snow everywhere, and it was as sight to see! It was kinda funny, because the more north we got, the less snow there was. By the time we got into Winchester, it was snowing, but nothing was sticking. Typical Atlanta weather, right? Well, we went to bed Friday night and woke up to about 1-2 inches of beautiful, white snow. But, since we were staying in a hotel, and Caleb has not run a great history of playing in the snow, we took it easy and visited with family instead. We had a great time in Kentucky, and Charley and Erin have never looked happier! Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Grant!

Here is the funny story of the weekend: Caleb was SO excited to go to Kentucky. We have been talking to him about it for a few days, and Thursday night and Friday morning, he kept saying that he wanted to go to Tucky's house. He thought Kentucky was a person, not a state. Every time we tried to tell him that it was a place and not a person he got very upset, so we just went with it. He thought the hotel was Tucky's house, and he kept telling us that he was having so much fun at Tucky's house. It was hilarious!

Caleb with his cousins, Sarah and Annie Rees (she is about a month younger than Caleb)
For those of you who know Caleb, you know what a big deal it is that Caleb is eating a whole apple...the kid eats NOTHING! Here's to a little peer pressure! :)
Another pic with the apple - I had to document this rare happening!!!

My little man in the hotel room before the wedding...he looks like such a (big) little boy!!

Caleb and Annie Rees - this was the best we could get. We even bribed Caleb with Skittles (notice the chunk in his mouth).

Caleb with is Grandmother. Again, he was not much into taking pictures...there was a candy bar!
Caleb and his Granddad. Silly boy!!
My boys being so silly!

Part of the candy bar -- they had a UGA, UK, and Ohio State cake....Caleb kept barking at the UGA cake.
Start 'em young, raise 'em right! :)

The best picture I got of the new Mr. and Mrs. Charley Grant!
Sunday morning we got up bright and early to get back to Atlanta before the "Snow Storm of 2011" hit. The drive back was easy, and we made it back in time to have an afternoon at home. I was one of those Atlantan's and I went to the grocery store for the essentials of milk (we have a 2 year old), doughnuts (they were on sale and I pregnant!), mac and cheese (a staple in any home), and a few other things. The snow started coming down hard and quickly around 9PM, and we woke up this morning, I was shocked! I was expecting 2-3 inches of snow, maybe. Oh no, we have 8.5 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In some lower parts of our yard there is over a foot! It was beautiful. While we were in Kentucky Michael's Aunt Anne bought Caleb some snow boots and snow mittens. Well, that did the trick. Caleb looked like the kid from A Christmas Story, but he was warm, and he finally had a blast in the snow. Here are some pics!

Caleb and daddy walking in the snow. Caleb kept roaring and saying he was walking like a dinosaur!

Caleb and Mommy

This was a snow drift by our front door. It was amazing! It went up to Michael's knees!

Caleb making a snowball. Thanks, daddy!
Finally a smiling child in the snow. He was jumping here.
Stomping in the snow!
Caleb and daddy - you can see here how high the snow is. Caleb's snow boots are completely gone in the snow!

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