Saturday, January 15, 2011


This week, all week, we have pretty much been stuck inside the house. Michael's office was closed for 3 days, and school was canceled all 5 days, and so mommy, daddy, and Caleb had lots of together time. I love that boy, and he is SO funny! Yesterday Caleb turned 27 months old. Not that this is a significant number, but it is hard for me to believe that he has only been here a short while. I hardly remember life before him. Our lives are so much richer, and hold so much more meaning, with Caleb in them. It is amazing for me to watch him grow and develop before my eyes. Everyday he is learning something new and doing something else to impress us. He is talking up a storm right now, and usually what he has to say is pretty funny. Here are just a few:

This happened around Christmas, but I still have to share. It's classic!
Mommy: Caleb! Do you want to help mommy bake some brownies?
Caleb: YES!!!!! (said while jumping up and down)
Mommy: OK, well first we have to crack the eggs and put them in the bowl. (Mommy then cracks the eggs, and puts them into the bowl).
Caleb: OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! You killed them!!
At this point Caleb climbs down off the step stool and leaves crying. And he would not eat ANY of the brownies.

We are preparing for little sister, Abby, to come in 11 (AH!) weeks. This week I put her new bedding on the crib, and took Caleb's bedding off.
Mommy: Caleb, do you like baby Abby's bed?
Caleb:'s pretty mommy. Just like you.
Whose heart would that NOT melt!

Caleb got some small bootball, or football to most, players for Christmas from his grandparents. He loves them. We take them everywhere. There are UGA players, as well as other schools. His personal favorite, besides the bulldawgws are Kentucky, aka, Tucky. The play football, but mostly they tackle each other.
Caleb: Mommy, my bootball player is hurt. He need to go to the doctor.
At this point he brings the bootball player to me. I pretend, I mean, I take him to the doctor.:)
Caleb: He all better, mommy?
Mommy: Yes, I gave him hugs and kisses. He is all better and wants to play football.
Caleb: He's a baby. He has to go home.

This also happened around Christmas, but again, too classic not to share. When I was pregnant with Caleb, his Great Aunt Ann gave him a Little People Nativity Set. He loves it. Actually, obsessed would be a better term. So I set them up in his room with all of the other Christmas decorations. We talked about Joseph and Mary, baby Jesus, the Wise Men, the angel and all of the animals. Caleb listened very closely.
Caleb: Is this (pointing to baby Jesus) baby Abby?
Mommy: No, that is baby Jesus.
Caleb: Oh. (long pause) He's cute.
Mommy: Yes, he is.
At this point we put Caleb down for a nap. When he wakes up I go into get him. And all three wisemen are in his crib.
Mommy: Caleb, who is in your bed with you?
Caleb: These are my men.
Mommy: No, those are the wise men that go with baby Jesus.
Caleb: No, they're my men. They tackle.
At this point he begins to slam them into each other. For some reason I think this can't be a good thing....