Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nannah goes to Loganville

Sunday night and all day Monday Nannah (aka: Savannah) was with us. Nannah, as Caleb says, is Caleb's cousin that is 10 1/2 months younger than him. She is my sister's daughter. We had an absolute BLAST with Nannah, but this is one worn out mommy!!! We were very busy, and needless to say, the kids had great afternoon naps! We can't wait for Nannah to come back soon...as soon as I get some rest!

While Nannah was here, she and Caleb....

ate breakfast together...yummy...pancakes and peaches!
Caleb showed Nannah how to stack cups...

Nannah showed Caleb how to play basketball.
She made herself right at home. :)
Then we went swinnin' (swimming) with Aunt Kim and Sara.

We thought she looked like Laura Ingles here!

The kiddos took long naps, and when they woke up Caleb told Nannah all about his choo-choos. I think she liked them. :)
Then Caleb was a sweet cousin and gave Nannah "love."

Then Nannah and Caleb had to take a bath...and had a big time!

Add ImageThey played a little more, and then it was time for Nannah to head to Grandmommy's house.

We had a wonderful time with Nannah, and can't wait for her to come back soon! And yes, Savannah, your auntie loves you very much!

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