Sunday, March 7, 2010


Caleb is so much fun these days! It amazes me how much is able to communicate to Michael and me. His favorite phrases to say are "dit down" (sit down) and "duce, pease" (juice, please). I know I have said this at every stage, but I think this stage might be my favorite. :) With all of the fun, also comes Caleb pushing the envelope. He has learned "mine!" and "no" and uses them frequently. Let's just say Caleb has been spending some time in time out. All in all, we have a great baby boy who are love with all of our hearts!

The past few weeks have been busy for The Andersons. Here is our past few weeks in pictures...

In honor of the Winter Olympics, Caleb wore his downhill skiing PJ's...GO USA!

Baby Savannah was baptised. Caleb sat through the ENTIRE service like a big boy!! Thanks Uncle Craig for your help!

The Bell Family - my sister, Savannah and Russ

The Camuso grandchildren...Davis, Caleb, Sara, and Savannah

Aunt Jennifer, Savannah and Sara

Caleb in the buggy at Lowe's with Daddy's sunglasses...what a cool dude! :)

This weekend we are headed to Columbus for my cousin's wedding. We are really looking forward to it and I am sure there will be tons of pics to share!

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