Saturday, September 26, 2009

Caleb's First Haircut

I am happy to report (knock on wood), that we have made it a whole week without sickness, we are back to sleeping through the night and we have our very happy, very loud almost 1 year old back!!!

Well, after many weeks of heckling from our family and friends, we finally took Caleb to get his first haircut. We took him to Snip It's, and it was perfect!!! It is a kid friendly place and Caleb did a wonderful job!!! Our little boy is getting so big!!! Here are some pics from the hair cutting adventure!

Such a big boy in the chair. Notice he is holding on for dear life!!

The first cut.

Playing with the game (very creative way to get babies to put their head down!)

Such a big boy!

Daddy has been out of town, so Caleb and I headed over to Grandmommy's house. Caleb took a bath at her house, and she had all sorts of new bath toys. His favorite was the bright pink bucket. :)

He thought he was so funny!

Caleb is growing and changing so much!!! He is really "talking" a lot, and seems to be having a conversation with us sometimes, even though we have NO IDEA what he is saying. Caleb has also started WALKING!!!! I haven't gotten it on camera yet, because he still likes to crawl more, but I am working on it!!!

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