Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dear Time...

Dear Time,

Please stop ticking away. Please stop allowing my babies to grow up at warp speed. Just stop it, OK?!

These days Caleb is an almost 4 year old (again, where did time go?) who is just a hoot. The questions he asked and the things that he says never cease to make me laugh. Many times he doesn't mean to make us laugh, but he does. Those are the times we have to hide our laughter.

At almost 4 Caleb still loves sports. Football and baseball are his favorites. His whole life he has never really wavered from this. He loves to watch, play and act out any and all things sports related. He has started school again this year and he LOVES it. He told me the other day that he was "one smart cookie." Hmmm....I wonder where he got that! He loves the pool, and can swim by himself most of the time. He is a very independent little boy, but he sure does love to snuggle. Daddy thinks this is just a way to win mommy's heart and stay up later. What ever it is, it works....

It seems just like yesterday that this sweet little boy was not quite old enough to go to school. Again, time....will you PLEASE slow down. My babies are growing up way too fast!!!

These days Abby is 17 months going on 17 years. She is SUCH a girly girl! I love it!!!!! She loves her babies, and usually you can assume she will have a baby in her arms, a purse on her arm or a necklace around her neck. She also loves shoes. She is always putting shoe on. They could be hers, Caleb's, mine or daddys shoes. It doesn't matter. Did I mention that she is a girly, girl?!?!

Abby is talking more and more. She has been a bit slower to talk than Caleb, but I think that is because her big brother does all of the talking for her! Some of her words are bye (said like biiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!), daddy, mama, Bubba (that's Caleb), ball (said like ba-wal), good night (said like niiii-niiiit), love you (said like la you!), come on, nana (banana), more (mo-mo), no,and bad. I know she says more, but I can't remember now.

It seems just like yesterday that we brought an itty bitty baby home from the hospital. Seriously, time ---- SLOW DOWN!!!!

I thank God each and every day for these 2 blessings. They bring us so much joy! It only took me 17 months, but I finally got a few good pictures of these 2 miracles!

Where has time gone? I wish it would slow down. I am not ready for these babies to grow up!


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