Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our tiny dancer

Abby turned 15 months on July 3rd. Where in the world has time gone? She is such a mess, but is so much h fun. The past few months she has really developed her personality, and boy is she opinionated!!! She is talking more and more, but still has a hard time communicating what she wants other than making lots of noise. We are currently working on the words, please, thank you, help and yes. ;)

We went for her 15 month well check up, and our thoughts were confirmed. Abby is a teeny tiny little girl. Here are her stats:
weight: 19 lbs 16oz - 5%
height: 29 1/4 in. - 15%
head - I don't remember the inches, but it was the 44% -- I said this is because her brain is so big, and  Michael said it is because of all of her hair. Dr. D said neither were correct ;)

Dr. D wasn't too concerned with Abby's size simply because what we told him she eats (EVERYTHING) and her blood work looked excellent. So, it looks like we have a petite little lady on our hands. :)

At 15 months Abby loves:
- to eat -- she literally hasn't met a food she doesn't like
- go swimming - we have another fish on our hands!
- her daddy - 1 word - obsesssed
- her lovey
- to dance
- being active - she does not sit down except to travel, eat or sleep
- having her hair fixed

At 15 months Abby is not a fan of:
- changing her diaper
- changing her clothes
- when he brother takes things from her
- riding in the car seat for a period of time
- sleep - in Abby's world this is just a mere suggestion!

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