Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Saturday was Daddy's 29th birthday. Caleb has been SO excited about celebrating daddy's birthday. He has been working on singing Happy Birthday all week!!! Daddy decided he wanted a cookie cake, and so Caleb and I went to the store to get everything we would need. Caleb picked out red icing and blue candles. He was SO proud!!! We decorated the cookie on Friday night, and someone couldn't WAIT to eat it on Saturday. He tried for breakfast, that didn't happen, but we couldn't hold him off after lunch. Abby was the ultimate party pooper - she slept through all of the birthday festivities!!! Overall, I think daddy had a great birthday, and is ready to enjoy his last year in his twenties!

So proud of "his" cake!
The finished product! Publix has nothing on us! :)

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