Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching Up

I have said this before, but I am not going to get blogger of the week, month or year for that matter. :) Our life since 2010 has been crazy busy. A brief summary would be: back to work/school, Michael threw his back out, stomach bug, re-doing our kitchen, grad school, and life in general. I hope all of you had a wonderful January, and I promise (to try) to be better about our updates. I mean, I know y'all are waiting on pins and needles!!!

I can not believe my baby is 15 months old. He is a toddler. He is everywhere. He is talking NON STOP. He is precious. I love him so much!!!

On January 12 Caleb turned 15 months old. For me it is bittersweet. He is at a stage that I love. To be honest, it just keeps getting better. Everyday it is something new. A new word. A new discovery. Something. He amazes me and Michael. Caleb loves any type of ball, and true to boy form, he can distinguish between a baseball, a football, and a basketball. He says "bawl" (he does live in Loganville) for ball, but he also says "butball" for football, "beeball" for basketball, and something else I can't figure out how to type for baseball. It is too cute. There are too many to tell you about. One word he can say for sure is "cookie." This morning I got him up to go to Mrs. Anne (the nanny), and this first thing he said to me was "cookie, please!" Yep, he is my child. :)

Along with all of the words, Caleb's personality is shining through. I love it. He is such a silly boy. Here are some recent picks of our in house silly man. :)

This boys loves to be in nothing but his diaper...

This weekend I went to get him up from his nap, and this is what I found...classic...

(those wet spots are not what you think they are)

He LOVES to play in the tupperware in the kitchen.

He even tries to clean it up. :)

Caleb goes and goes and goes all the time. He has to pass out at some point, right? Who cares that it was right in the middle of lunch. :)

(excuse the nasty walls in the background...we are re-doing the kitchen)

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