Saturday, February 9, 2008

7 interesting things about us

We have been tagged by Elizabeth to list 7 interesting things about us. Since this blog is not mine or Michael (we share it), I will list a few interesting things about Michael, a few about me, and a few things about us.

1. We have known each other since 1st grade. We went to school together through elementary, middle and high school. We started dating when I was 15 and Michael was 16. We then went to Georgia Southern together, and the rest is history.

2. Michael becomes interesting in things very easily. Once he was introduced to golf he fell in love with it. He has been introduced to photography, and now he loves that too. (Just ask anyone - he will take your picture if you are standing still OR moving!)

3. Jennifer is the youngest of 3. By youngest, I mean my brother is 15 years older than me and my sister is 13 years older than me. I basically grew up as an only child.

4. We both come from HUGE, close knit families. Michael has 14 first cousins on one side with 8 second cousins. Jennifer has 17 first cousins on one side and 23 (I think) second cousins on the same side. The unique thing about this, is that we have a relationship with all of them. Michael's family has reunions frequently (we are going t Hawaii this June!!) and Jennifer's family has a reunion every July. This has been a tradition in her family since before her mom was born. Jennifer has only missed 1 in her life. Her first reunion was when she was 2 1/2 weeks old.

5. Michael is one of the pickiest eaters on the PLANET! I constantly find myself not telling him what is in things so he will at least try something. He hates vegetables - he will only eat corn and green beans (and that is a stretch!).

6. Jennifer could run a consignment shop/advice center for weddings. In a year and a half, I was in 5 weddings (including my own) and went to many, many more. I consider myself a pro-bridesmaid and wedding attender. Now that everyone is married, I think I will become a pro-baby shower attender. :)

7. We married on April Fools day and everyone thought we were crazy. The truth is, is that I am teacher and that was Spring Break. Since we got married on April Fools day, we did have some jokes played on us. Actually, Michael had some played on him (I think they knew not to mess with me). His groomsmen taped the word "HELP" on the bottom of his shoes for the entire congregation to see when we knelt, and his brother, Grant, pulled my ring out of a Cracker Jack bag. It was hilarious!

I don't know anyone to tag. Sorry!

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Leslie said...

What fun- I didn't know all of that about you all- your relationship goes back even further than mine and Clint's!